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Anthony Pinnock has

added a series of articles

on various subjects,

including computer

science and programming

at KS1 and KS2, assessing

computing, helping teachers

become confident and

competent programmers

Miles Berry explains the

computing curriculum. The

DfE have produced a short

video in which Miles explains

that the computing curriculum

is more about understanding

than just acquiring skills

Resources, information and ideas

on helping children to be safe online - warning them of the dangers of the internet

Introducing Scratch programming in class.

A series of "lessons" to help non-expert teachers

to confidently get started with Scratch.

Lesson Links

We have created a series of lesson guides and ideas for the Computing National Curriculum. To begin with we are concentrating on computer science but will be adding ideas for Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

We welcome ideas from anybody - don't be shy - tell the world about your best lesson ideas.

Hints, tips and the latest information about the fabulous Just2Easy (j2e) suite of tools.