Just2Easy (j2e) is a comprehensive suite of on-line tools designed for use in Primary schools (and above). It enables pupils and staff to create multi-media documents which can be shared and published with the minimum of fuss.

With j2e you can include text, pictures, videos, sound, Scratch projects and animations on a page. You can add shapes which can be edited and filled, you can use a freehand drawing tool and it can speak as you type. You can add on-line forms to gather data which can be saved to a spreadsheet or the j2database, talking wordlists to help pupils with difficult words, as well as tables and charts. It can even read out what you have written.

As well as the main program for document creation the suite includes:

Infant Tools (JIT) - writing, painting, charts and animation - or mix them together

j2Data - a comprehensive suite for data handling which includes pictogram, chart, branch, database and vote.

j2Code - includes programming tools for Key Stages 1 and 2 as well as Logo which can be used for extension activities.

j2Launch - create online desktops for individuals or classes

j2Webby - publish work or presentations to your own Webby website

j2Bloggy - create online blogs for classes or individuals

j2Office - import, create or edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files which are automatically saved online

j2Measure - maths tools including ruler, protractor and compasses integrated into main program

j2Spotlight - create stop-go animations (think Wallis and Gromit)

j2Review - enables learning conversations to take place using text, sound or pictures. So for young children the teacher can speak their comments and the pupil can listen and reply. Progression can also be recorded using one of a number of default schemes: or you can add your own progression grid.

All files can be shared with another individual, a group, a class, staff, the whole school or the whole world!

Because all these tools are online, pupils and staff can use them at home as well as at school. You can also share other documents (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF files).

Having the Just2Easy suite enables schools to fulfill the coding part of the National Curriculum AND the creative aspects.

Access to the Just2Easy suite is through an annual subscription that allows all pupils and staff to use all of the tools.

Sign up for a free trial www.just2easy.com/

If you want help setting up j2e in your school or introductory training then contact me.

This page has been created using j2e.