Flowol Offer

Flowol is excellent software that simulates physical systems such as a lighthouse and traffic lights.

It has an easy to use drag and drop flowchart interface. It can also control real models and robots through a wide range of interfaces.

Find out more at www.flowol.com

Schools that use the Lexicon Lifeline technical support service can get a 10% discount when purchasing through Lexicon Learning.

Additionally any school that books a Flowol training session with us can get 20% discount.

Prices Flowol 4

prices shown are the full price before discounts.

Primary school site licence £150

Middle school site licence £220

Secondary school site licence £300

Site licence upgrade from Flowol 3 £69

Site licence upgrade from Flowol 2 £87

Contact us at office@lexlearn.co.uk to order or book training.